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New Year – New possibilities Posted 19/2/15 •

I belong to the human type who loves the beginning of a new year. It feels like my desk and also my head are empty and clean…somehow I can restore multiple new ideas and plans to either one of those. It also makes me look back at what I have done in the past year, have […]

Product Placement Posted 24/11/14 •

You all probably know the phrase ’Product Placement’ ? It’s a form of advertising that appeals to me. We have all heard about success stories where just one right person has worn some product or just named that product in right situation and the success was there!  Amazing, how can someone have that influence? Yet, […]

The absolutely hardest job Posted 17/10/14 •

OMG, TGIF , TBH and all the other shortenings you may use. It has been a long time since my last writing, but you know what, there’s a reason for that;  we have been working with the hardest job you could think when building up a start-up company. Cold calls! I mentioned in my previous […]

I got wild and crazy Posted 11/8/14 •

Do you remember my last writing, about marketing without money and how to fill up your head with crazy ideas. Well, I got one and what’s most important I also made it true. Last week I was on holiday in Croatia. While waiting for my plane to take-off I walked around the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and […]

Advertising…the form of art I love… Posted 01/8/14 •

I’m truly amazed of some people capability to create advertising which is sametime fun, striking and functional. I’m an advertising fan, I watch a lot of advertising (not from a TV, that’s only annoying) but from the magazines, web and from the street view. For example this advert below There are several renovations on going […]

Our Blog Posted 25/7/14 •

What to write? We have been struggeling with this blog, how to make this interesting, fresh and exiting? What to write? We haven’t found that goldenline which could guide us. Should it be something informative, or diary from journeys, or…what? What can we say that will interest you? How to keep you ”entertained” ? I […]

Inspired by springtime Posted 03/3/14 •

The weather is a funny thing here in Finland, people just love to discuss the weather, especially in spring. At springtime the weather changes from day to day from one day being sunny and warm to the next day snowing and being rather cold. When the sun is shining everybody is outside walking, running, sitting […]

PIECE OF Happiness Posted 07/8/13 •

I must be able to let go of all my unfinished tasks, even if the temptation to fool myself with the thought that my input to the company is indispensable, kicks in. No matter how hard you try, every time something important is left incomplete.