Advertising…the form of art I love… Posted 01/8/14 •

I’m truly amazed of some people capability to create advertising which is sametime fun, striking and functional. I’m an advertising fan, I watch a lot of advertising (not from a TV, that’s only annoying) but from the magazines, web and from the street view.

For example this advert below


There are several renovations on going in Helsinki at the moment . The buildings has plastic tops on and the streets are without covers. What a brilliant idea from a cruise ship company to build up this kind of a campaign. It says: Helsinki is under renovation-Go to Tallinn. This advert is placed over the plastic covered building. It works, at least for me; fun, ironic and placed right.

This link here leads you to a videoadvert which is clever because you don’t directly think it as an add, but it is with an big A. Oh, how I would love to create something like this. An add that makes you laugh and tell it forward to a friend. Canal+ also have the same belief than we : never underestimate the power of a great story!

In a start-up company advertising is the key, yet it is the most difficult thing to do since you need to do it  with a 0,00$ budget, which is veeeeery hard to do, I can tell. You should try something that wakes up the target group, yet you need to do it carefully so that your  brand image, which is still fragile,  doesn’t get dirty. All this time while you are wondering how, what and who,  you need to remember that it can not cost a dime. How many times have we said to each other, if only we could have the money to do this and that? But, if you think, would it be as fun to do with a bag full of money? Would it be as creative?

When the start-up company has the bag full of money, in someways it isn’t a start-up anymore. It is a functional company which has a straight path to follow. In the early years you can fly, yet without a clear destination. When the work really starts you can still fly but the line is straight and there is a strict captain who steers the plane. There is no space for crazy ideas.Yes, I know we all start-up companies aim to that position and hope that the day will appear in a near future, but….

…I’m glad that we are still somewhere in the middle, our business is running, slowly though but something is happening. We still have possibilities to change the destination. I hope that if we come to the part where we need to push through to a one destination we remember the happy early days when everything was just a crazy thought with thousands of possibilities. I do still wish a bag full of money, though :)

But you need to remember: you get what you work for, not what you wish for.

With a PIECE OF my heart,