Amazing and totally crazy idea Posted 25/8/12 •

I have something that I absolutely need to share with all of you.

We went to Estonia for a day trip (Uuups, did I reveal something… is Piece of Estonia on it’s way…? )

We visited a company that  specializes in PR-products and packages, called Printlanti.

There, hanging on a shelf, we found two cute mascots and asked what they were for.  Printlanti representative told us then that these were ordered by Estonian government. Hmmm, okey we thought, why?

The government of Estonia wanted to prevent and reduce the anxiety and stress their employees get while working. These cute creatures were then sent to government employees with needles, so now government officials and staff in Estonia have their own ”woodoo-dolls” to prevent and reduce their anxiety :)

Our opinion of Estonian government changed, officials can be fun as well!