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We’ve been so excited about our design competitions and to find out how the young designers will bring their own country into a piece of jewellery that it’s now time to look a bit further as the winning pieces for PIECE OF Finland and PIECE OF Norway are soon going into production.

The fact that we’re actually launching a new kind of souvenir, something you want to bring home as a memory from your journeys has opened my eyes to look at my country in a different way this summer, which is quite fun. When I’m out walking my dog I find myself thinking how I would picture my country. I find the Finnish nature remarcable and think that I would get my inspirition there. For excemple if you look at the tree below you can see the result of someones inspiration. This particular tree cheered me up.


This tree was in Helsinki in front of the Ornamos (Finnish Association of Designers) office where we went to listen to two interesting bloggers, Heijastuspinta and Vihreät Vaatteet. Heijastuspinta writes about lifestyle and design with a hint of political opinions. Vihreät Vaatteet has worked as a pioneer when writing about ecological and ethical clothing. It was interesting to listen other bloggers, perhaps I got some inspirations from them and some thoughts how to build up PIECE OF Blog.

Reading blogs I’ve found a few where people discuss and present different souvenirs they like to collect and yes, often people like to collect something, not just buy various things as a memory… some people buy a t-shirt from every country they visit, some buy cups and some collect stones from the beach, but the idea of having something concrete to remind us of our journeys seems to be mutual.

This is something I want to write about and share; places, souveniers and thoughts.

I personally love to bring a memory with me home from my journeys, often small things but once I just had to get a beautiful coffer, not that practical in the plane and nothing I can carry with me but I love it. Here a picture for you to see.

My souvenier from Riga

With these thoughts I wish you  inspirational days!