Exiting days!! Posted 16/3/12 •

This has just been such a great day, just feeling so happy! Our team from Laurea won the Innomaraton competition by planning Piece of Memories a communication and PR plan. This really strengthens our belief in co-operation with schools and the students.

The next really exiting day is coming up soon as the PIECE OF Finland is chosen by the jury next friday, 23.3.2012. We hope that as many as possible will vote for their favourite piece of jewellery before that, there’s one more week to go.

According to the design competitions in the Nordic countries we are expecting even more students signing up for the competition, understanding that we are offering them a great opportunity they don’t want to miss. We truly believe that co-operation between students and companies is educative and productive for both parts.

And it’s just getting more and more exiting all the time!

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