Funny scenes when travelling Posted 22/9/12 •

When building up our Piece of Memories we have been forced to travel quite a lot.

Every now and then you experience something funny during flights and every now and then also something less funny. Here are two examples which I want to share with you.

Flight from Helsinki to Amsterdam: there we sat with Minna 10 km’s above the ocean level and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and worked in the airplane. Suddenly Minna says: ”hey, ain’t that a captain who is walking down the aisle of airplane?” Indeed it was, a handsome captain was walking towards the toilets. He probably noticed our surpriced faces and smiled to us while saying: ”Don’t worry ladies,  there is still someone flying this plane” It was a nice happening and it felt that this flight company had made up a great advertising campaign. All the people were laughing at the plane and the captain walked back to his cabin.

Flight from Dusseldorf to Helsinki: I flew alone home from Germany. The takeoff  of this flight was quite bumpy and it just continued. I waited for the ”belts on” light to turn off because I needed to stand up,  but it never turned off. About 15 minutes after takeoff the light was still on and I heard a weak voice of an air hostess who was saying: ”there is something wrong,  leave the seatbelt on”.  WHAAAT? Could you please be more specific, where is something wrong? In the air or with the airplane?  The flight arrived safely to Helsinki but every minute in that plane I wanted to hear an explanation for this announcement, I never got it.


So, my point in this writing. You can do extremely good influence to your customers just by showing your self and you can also do an extremely terrible impression with bad language skills :)