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Do you remember my last writing, about marketing without money and how to fill up your head with crazy ideas. Well, I got one and what’s most important I also made it true.

Last week I was on holiday in Croatia. While waiting for my plane to take-off I walked around the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and searched after a perfect place for my ”gift” to mr or mrs John Doe. I packed a PIECE OF Finland inside of a box and added a letter that says:

”Hey You! 

Honestly, this is an advertising trick, but we hope that you don’t mind this.

We are a small and honest start-up company, Piece of Memories. We are launching a jewelry collection that is designed locally by young designers in Scandinavia and Baltic countries.

This piece you are holding is PIECE OF Finland, called Tupa. You can find it’s story inside the package. Hope you like it! If you don’t, just place it back and forget that you found it.

Now, you have 4 options:

1.You put it back where you found it

2.You  take it and wear it

3.You take it and give it to someone else as a gift

4.You do either 2 or 3 and think: perhaps Piece of Memories  would love to hear where this jewelry is travelling, I shall send them an e-mail and tell!

We all love number 4, don’t we?

Piece of Memories wishes you a nice journey!


I left this package to a cafeterias bench in terminal 2.


Now we just need to wait and see if someone has actually found it or is it a part of a ”lost and found” department of  the airport?

Either way, I’m excited!!! I really hope that this jewelry finds a new home.

I also made a promise to myself; since this is so exciting I want to do it again. So, every time I travel somewhere or go to an interesting place I will hide a gift for someone. Let’s see when we get the first answer… When will the first e-mail arrive?

Or will we get an angry telephone call from an airport officer who says that we are not allowed to leave anything to the airport? I don’t know, but I will keep you posted! This is our first marketing campaign that doesn’t actually directly cost us any money, it just gives butterflies to your stomach :) Me like!

So now I’m eagerly waiting for that message from someone who thinks that we are worth of one e-mail…

With a PIECE OF my heart,


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  • SannaH

    Any news yet? :)