Jury day Posted 17/6/12 •

On friday the 15th of June the jury gathered with us at hotel Vaakuna in Helsinki to grade both the two finalists fromFinland and the nominees from Norway. After having some lunch the jury began reading the stories and grade the jewellery pieces. We waited in another room while the jury graded the works and after about an hour we got to hear the argumenst for the choices that had been made.

First the jury presented their choice for Piece of Finland and they had chosen Tupa/ the Lodge designed by Nino Hynninen. The jury was unanimous and pleased with the changes that Nino had made since last time.

Then we moved on to hear the arguments for choices made among the Norwegian nominees. Finally the jury had chosen Årring/the Tree designed by Elena Glosli as the winner for the Piece of Norway competition.

So now we finally have winners for Piece of Finland and Piece of Norway and it feels just amazing! In the autumn these two pieces will go into production and by october we should have these pieces out for sale. We should get our online shop open before that though..  working on it.

We’ll put some pictures here soon about the beautiful sights from the rooftop of hotel Vaakuna, you can see a big part of Helsinki from there, a place worth visiting with a perfect location just beside the railway station!