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I belong to the human type who loves the beginning of a new year. It feels like my desk and also my head are empty and clean…somehow I can restore multiple new ideas and plans to either one of those. It also makes me look back at what I have done in the past year, have I concurred something? These thoughts drew me to think of myself as an entrepreneur, what have I learned or accomplished?

I realized that I’ve learned a lot and I can pass this knowledge on to you.

1.TRUST YOUR FEELING! It is usually right. This is something that I’ve learned in the past years. Decisions that haven’t felt right has been wrong 100 %. Today I was listening to Anne Berner, a famous business woman and an owner of Vallilla interior and she said that it takes a lot to trust a feeling when raports, fiqures and ”the others” says otherwise. It is hard, but believe me, trust yourself.


2. KNOW YOUR STRENGTH! You need to know what you are good at and especially what not. Focus on where you can achieve glory and let other people do those things you are not familiar with. When I look at our company we have noticed that we have totally different skills. There is a lot where we are not experts and for most parts have we found help and in some  parts we just need to learn…before we find help :)

3. TAKE CARE OF YOUR ”BACK” Make sure you have your family /close ones behind you! Building up an own company isn’t easy and you need to be sure that when you come home there is someone who can give you a hug and cheer up you. You also need someone who can joy with you when you get some success.


4.DON’T TAKE YOUR BUSINESS FOR GRANTED!  Building up a company is harder than you think, about 100 times harder! Trust me!

5. FIND A GOOD ACCOUNT OFFICE! To find one is very hard, you need to find a company that’s used to work with companies like yours and also, this is the important part, always ask for references and call to those companies to get some feedback from accountant work. If you find a good office to take care of your money you are almost there BUT you still need to learn the basics from the book keeping. You can not just trust what someone tells you, you need to check it yourself, after all, at the end you are the only one who is responsible of your companies finance situation.


6. LISTEN AND LEARN! Today, as I mentioned earlier I was in a business growth event ’KASVU-OPEN’ and there I had a chance to hear two succeeded entrepreneurs, Anne Berner and Hjallis Harkimo, the owner of a Hockey Team Jokerit.  You can learn so much by just listening to people who have stories and history behind them. It was amazing to hear these persons, they were so inspiring that I have my head full of ideas and plans. The Year 2015 has started… Can’t wait what it brings…

Oh, about our PIECE OF persons. In December it was the Santa Claus of course :) He should also get some presents every now and then.

In January we shall give away PIECE OF Cufflinks to a Finnish man who bravely travels around the world. We want him to have a piece of Finland with him in his adventures.

At the end I shall quote Hjallis Harkimo who compared business to a religion: ” You need to trust your company so much that you can have all the others around you to trust in that too, if you don’t no-one else will either”.

With a PIECE OF my heart,







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