Our Blog Posted 25/7/14 •

What to write?

We have been struggeling with this blog, how to make this interesting, fresh and exiting? What to write? We haven’t found that goldenline which could guide us. Should it be something informative, or diary from journeys, or…what? What can we say that will interest you? How to keep you ”entertained” ?

I ’m a reader of a blog from a Finnish woman living in Denmark and her life in there. While reading her story I was moved and touched and wanted to hear more. Why, I wondered ? She is writing about her life with it’s happy times and sorrows…

THEN it hit me, her writing was honest, raw and came from the heart.

So, if you don’t mind I will do the same in here. We can’t write about things that are not close to us or something that doesn’t touch us. So what can I write about, which subjects are close to me? One thing is for sure, I can write about entrepreneurship, that’s something I know a lot. Difficulties on that but also the things that makes you happy and proud. I can also write something about marketing and how to build up a start-up company. Would that be interesting to hear? I hope that it is, because that’s something I want to write about.

This ”child” of us, Piece of Memories is now 3 years old. It can barely walk and is about to start to talk. What can it say? Somedays someone pushes it through the wall and says, ”no, thank you. You are not interesting enough to have a space in our shop”. It is devastated, and feeling down. It crumbles down and doesn’t say a word. Why is this so hard, it thinks.

Then, after a while it pulls itself up and continues the train to walk. I will learn, it promise. Few days later it receives an e-mail from a lady far far away, from another country. Lady writes ”Thank You, your products are amazing, and totally something I’ve looked for. I was so happy that I found you!”. Piece of Memories smiles and thinks, I knew, there are people who appreciates me and my ideology. I will find them all and with their help I’ll learn to run!

With a PIECE OF my heart,