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PIECE OF launching Posted 24/11/12 •

After a long time of hard work there comes the day you have been working and waiting for.  We had a day like that yesterday when PIECE OF launching took place. The day started early at hotel Vaakuna in Helsinki. At 7 am we were making everything in order and between 8-10 am the launching […]

Souvenir wall in Kea Posted 02/10/12 •

Last week we visited a school called KEA (Copenhagen school of design and technology). Thank you Kea for letting us to come and tell you about our company and competition. The school was full of excited students so we really have our fingers crossed with Denmark. I’m confident that we will get amazing PIECE OF Denmark! Inside […]

Funny scenes when travelling Posted 22/9/12 •

When building up our Piece of Memories we have been forced to travel quite a lot. Every now and then you experience something funny during flights and every now and then also something less funny. Here are two examples which I want to share with you. Flight from Helsinki to Amsterdam: there we sat with Minna 10 km’s […]

Amazing and totally crazy idea Posted 25/8/12 •

I have something that I absolutely need to share with all of you. We went to Estonia for a day trip (Uuups, did I reveal something… is Piece of Estonia on it’s way…? ) We visited a company that  specializes in PR-products and packages, called Printlanti. There, hanging on a shelf, we found two cute mascots […]

design souvenir Posted 19/8/12 •

We’ve been so excited about our design competitions and to find out how the young designers will bring their own country into a piece of jewellery that it’s now time to look a bit further as the winning pieces for PIECE OF Finland and PIECE OF Norway are soon going into production. The fact that […]

Jury day Posted 17/6/12 •

On friday the 15th of June the jury gathered with us at hotel Vaakuna in Helsinki to grade both the two finalists fromFinland and the nominees from Norway. After having some lunch the jury began reading the stories and grade the jewellery pieces. We waited in another room while the jury graded the works and after about […]

technical problems? Posted 10/6/12 •

We had such an inspiring workday yesterday! A lot has been done but again there’s lots of things to do. The nominees for Piece of Norway finally arrived last monday and on tuesday the jewellery pieces were photographed at the Redland office. The plan was to get the pictures on our website as soon as […]

Piece of Norway here soon Posted 17/5/12 •

Soonsoonsoon, there will be Piece of Norway nominees to see! We are so excited, things that we remember when visiting Norway is that all the people were happy and smiling. Perhaps we will see the same joy in the pieces from Norway? Here below a link to a nice blog from Norway, definately a country worth visiting! Oslo […]

The first pictures of us Posted 24/4/12 •

It feels like yesterday we had our pictures taken, but actually it was two weeks ago already! Now you could say that time flies. We had a great day, first having our hair and makeup done at the hairdresser, Piece of Hair, and then heading for the photographing to the Redland office. And I have […]

Busy but fun days ahead Posted 09/4/12 •

Time just runs so fast that soon we’ll be in a real hurry to get all the things done that we’re supposed to before summer, but still the easter holidays has been a good break for us all. Tomorrow will be a fun day when we’ll have our pictures taken, the three of us posing for […]