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The hectic days are drawing to an end. The pulse of a start-up company fades away as I clean my desk, restore original phone settings to a company cell, and set an automatic reply for my email. I must be able to let go of all my unfinished tasks, even if the temptation to fool myself with the thought that my input to the company is indispensable, kicks in. No matter how hard you try, every time something important is left incomplete.

My mind freezes as I am staring the blank computer screen in front of me. How to summarize in few phrases all that I have experienced and learned in the past five months? How to say goodbye to something that has become so personal to you without resorting to platitudes, and, at the same time analytically reflecting what I’ll be taking with me when I leave? The most important lessons learned are not always the professional skills and expertise but the even more intangible ones; the awesome co-workers, the valuable insights of how differently organizations can function and how innovation ability, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness can pave the path to success.

When entering Piece of Memories, I was let in and embraced as a part of the team. I’ve had the privilege to experience all the highs and lows together with my colleagues. Working in a SME is definitely different from a big, established organization. The structural flexibility of a small business enables a quick response and reacting fast to whatever issue arises. It also requires you to tackle every issue, whether or not you feel comfortable or confident enough to face them. Many times the plain enthusiasm is what carries you through. All that, and the endless support you get from your colleagues.

The fact is that in a small company your resources are limited but you are still required to produce similar results to larger companies. This encourages creativity and trust in your own capabilities. In order to get things done on time it takes countless hours and, sometimes, sleepless nights. It takes perseverance, sweat, even tears, but also produces unparalleled feelings of joy when you succeed in reaching a milestone or experience a totally unexpected stroke of luck. That crazy idea that emerges in the middle of the night suddenly becomes viable and can easily be applied because of the flexible structure of a small company. These all are not only challenges but also possibilities for a small enterprise to stand out from the crowd.

I feel truly happy being able to be part of all this. I feel that my work is appreciated and I have left my mark when I can see my contribution take a concrete form. I’ve never been good at goodbyes, but now it is time for our ways to part. I feel sad to go, but I am also taking a big PIECE OF Happiness with me when I leave.


Sanna Passila completed her 5 month internship at Piece of Memories as Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

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