PIECE OF launching Posted 24/11/12 •

After a long time of hard work there comes the day you have been working and waiting for.  We had a day like that yesterday when PIECE OF launching took place. The day started early at hotel Vaakuna in Helsinki. At 7 am we were making everything in order and between 8-10 am the launching event took place and a bunch of great people filled the room. Journalists and other important people gathered around the PIECE OF stories, the story about Piece of Memories and the stories about both the designers and the designs for PIECE OF Finland and PIECE OF Norway. The event was so nice and the atmosphere was excellent and all the excitement and anxiousness disappeared as soon as the event started. We enjoyed ourselves and the guests seemed to enjoy themselves too, which means the world to us! We truly hope to have captured everyone’s interest towards Piece of Memories and the PIECE OF collection and we hope to have given a memorable day to all.

At the event everyone had a chance to have their hair fixed at Piece of Hair 20 min style lab. Yes, it is a coincidence that the hairdressers name is Piece of Hair, but convenient though. The breakfast was great and we also had a glass of sparkling wine, I do believe that a Friday morning really couldn’t start much better! Even if the weather outside was grey the feeling inside could be described as sunshine.

After the launching event we were just so happy that everything went well, that everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and that Piece of Memories and the PIECE OF collection was highly recognized. We are so proud of our designers, Nino and Elena and their excellent designs for Piece of Finland and Piece of Norway. There are also many other people that we are thankful for, ones who have helped us to get us this far. Now we can turn the first page, but the story continues.