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You all probably know the phrase ’Product Placement’ ?

It’s a form of advertising that appeals to me. We have all heard about success stories where just one right person has worn some product or just named that product in right situation and the success was there!  Amazing, how can someone have that influence? Yet, I know that I have bought something which I have seen on someone :)

When people found out that this works, that you can really boost up your products with PP, the managers behind these brand makers smelled the money. Of course, that’s how this world goes around. According to PQ Media, a consulting firm that tracks alternative media spending, we are talking amount over US$10 billion, so we are really talking about big sums.


Product placement began in the nineteenth century. By the time Jules Verne published the adventure novel where they travel around the world in 80 days (1873), his fame had led transport and shipping companies to lobby to be mentioned in the story. Whether Verne was actually paid to do so, remains unknown.


In Piece of Memories we also believe in this form of advertising, so therefor we have decided to make it public. Every month we will introduce you a person who we see as a PIECE OF Person and we will send a gift to this person, wether she/he wears it, gets it or talks about it doesn’t matter.

PIECE OF Person in November 2014 is our First Lady Jenni Haukio.

We feel that she reflects the pureness, warmness and friendliness in a unique way. Kind of like our ’Tupa’. We are proud that we have this kind of a woman to represent our country with our president. And did you knew that she is also an awarded poetess?



If you can suggest a person to us who is suitable to be a PIECE OF Person just let us know. We are happy to hear your choice!

Oh…almost forgot… Third surprise package has left the building. We placed it in France, near the Eiffel. No response yet. I wonder where all these jewelry goes? Is there someone who is wearing our product…oh, I would love to hear about him/her!!! Please someone, give us a call!



Here’s all for now, let’s talk more soon!

with a PIECE OF my heart,



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