Souvenir wall in Kea Posted 02/10/12 •

Last week we visited a school called KEA (Copenhagen school of design and technology). Thank you Kea for letting us to come and tell you about our company and competition. The school was full of excited students so we really have our fingers crossed with Denmark. I’m confident that we will get amazing PIECE OF Denmark!

Inside this beautifull orange building we saw something that was interesting for us; a wall of souvenirs.

So, how cute is this :) Every student that leaves the main island of Denmark have to bring a different souvenir when arriving back to school. I don’t know if they are competing of who will find the grotesquest souvenir? However this was quite fun for us to see, afterall our main goal is to create a souvenir collection that is full of design and atmosphere of that country, yet something everyone can buy from their journeys.

After visited the school we had quite a long time before our flight back home. So, what we did? We took us to the great and very big shopping center called Fields. You can easily spend several hours in there. We found out quite funny place called Feet a Fish . It is  a foot spa where you put your feet into a bowl of water where are lots of little fish (Garra Rufa). These little fish eats the dead skin from your feet. The feeling when you put your feet into that bowl is terrifying, you instantly want to take of your feet when those little fish comes and take a bite. Actually those have no teeth at all they some how ”suck” the dead skin from your feet. After few minutes the feeling is relaxing and quite amazingly  your feet are much more softer than before this experience.

We can highly recommend this :)