technical problems? Posted 10/6/12 •

We had such an inspiring workday yesterday! A lot has been done but again there’s lots of things to do.

The nominees for Piece of Norway finally arrived last monday and on tuesday the jewellery pieces were photographed at the Redland office. The plan was to get the pictures on our website as soon as possible and to get the possibility to vote for the pieces in Facebook by the end of the week, but because of technical problems this didn’t happen. The pictures are now on Facebook though, but you still have to wait for being able to vote for your favourite. It’s a shame bacause the jury will gather next friday, meaning the comeptition on FB will be rather short.

I think it’s really important that you remember to read the stories behind the jewellery pieces, because that way you get the whole picture and understand what the designers want to say and point out.

So, only one week and we’ll have a winner for Piece of Norway, but we’ll also have a winner for Piece of Finland! You can see the two nominees for Piece of Finland in the competition section and the designers, Jaana Määttä and Nino Hynninen are presented in the designer section.

This means that next friday, 15.6.2012 when our jury will gather and grade the nominees we’ll have by the end of the day a winner for Piece of Norway and Piece of Finland! I’m so excited to hear the comments from our jury members and wish it would be friday already! I’ve always had a hard time waiting and like to have things happen right away…