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OMG, TGIF , TBH and all the other shortenings you may use. It has been a long time since my last writing, but you know what, there’s a reason for that;  we have been working with the hardest job you could think when building up a start-up company. Cold calls!

I mentioned in my previous writing that marketing is one of the most difficult thing in a start-up, but now I will present you the hardest one. I don’t know why it is so haaaaaarrrrdddd… We are calling to the people who don’t know us and wouldn’t know us even if they would walk towards us in the street. Yet it is still something that takes your breath away. I posted this picture in our FB because in my eyes it is exactly the feeling I get when I pick up the phone…


People who know me knows that I have no trouble to speak, I’m actually quite good in that :D So, what is the reason that makes me stumble in my words when I’m calling to someone I don’t know and try to sell something that I truly, honestly love?

Research shows that 10% is the number of success when making calls or marketing activity, meaning that if you make 10 calls 1 is a successful one , when you make 100, 10 is the number and out of these  10 % will buy from you. With this math if you make 100o calls you’ll get 10 new clients. Tough job! We have been calculating our % and it is higher than 10% so you could say that we have been working quite good…but still…freeze!

And then the funny part. When you receive these 10 % and get a meeting with them… I LOVE IT! When I’m speaking with these people face-to-face I don’t freeze. It is amazing to get to know these new people, hear about their thoughts and tell them about PIECE OF products. How is that possible? Why can’t I do that when speaking with the same people in the telephone? I want to learn! Is it going to be easier after 1500 calls? Someone, please, help me…

I know that right now we are the best people to sell PIECE OF since our hearts are in it but I must say that still I’m waiting for a day when we can recruit a sales representative. I can’t stop thinking could our sales be bigger if we could hire a person who loves to do cold calls? Is there people who do that; loves cold calls…?

About marketing, so do you remember this?



A PIECE OF package were left in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport as a gift for someone. Well, we haven’t received any e-mails yet and one suggestion was that it has been thrown away because of security reasons :) Could be true, so we decided to leave these gifts around the world when ever we find a nice place for it. So we left one package to a Cologne, near the Dom.



No results… But we will continue with this gift campaign. I believe that somewhere – sometime – someone will pick up this gift and send us an e-mail.

You can’t stop believing!

With a PIECE OF my heart,


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