The first pictures of us Posted 24/4/12 •

It feels like yesterday we had our pictures taken, but actually it was two weeks ago already! Now you could say that time flies. We had a great day, first having our hair and makeup done at the hairdresser, Piece of Hair, and then heading for the photographing to the Redland office. And I have to say that the name of the hairdresser is really suitable for our company, even though we didn’t choose it by the name but because they do make an excellent job there!

Now, almost feeling like models we noticed though, that posing isn’t that easy and getting natural looking pictures is a challenge even for a pro photographer. Our photographer was great and had good nervs too and we were pleased with the pictures taken, thank you Juho Heikkinen. Below you can see a few of the pictures taken that day. So this is us:




At the pictures below we are wearing dresses by Tatanka Design that makes lots of linen clothes, nice and comfortable to wear.