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Design students around Europe have the chance to participate in PIECE OF Competitions arranged by Piece of Memories. The goal is to capture the essence of each country in a piece of jewellery.

If your country was a piece of jewellery, what would it look like?

We are looking for a local and unique story behind the design. We want the designers to be inspired  by their home country and capture it all in a piece of jewellery. We desire to experience the heart of each country.

So far we have collaborated with design academies in the Nordic and the Baltic countries. With the help of the academy tutors we have launched the local competitions by gathering all interested design students for a short presentation.

We announce the ongoing competitions for each country on our website. By signing up you can participate in the competition of designing a jewellery piece for your country. For more information about the competition please contact us at info@pieceof.fi.

The winner for each country will be chosen by a jury, consisting of at least one local jury member. The winner will get a money award worth 500 €  and the winning design of each country will become part of the PIECE OF collection.

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