Art Academy of Latvia

Art  Academy of Latvia was founded in 1919 and about 600 students study in the Academy every year. All the students of the Academy study traditional art techniques of the respective art area, specialize in the application of traditional and untraditional materials, as well as develop creative skills related to the use of modern media. They pile up experience in the implementation of art projects. Basic academic knowledge in art disciplines is acquired in the first four academic years. At the end of the studies students have to develop and present their diploma work. The study process is characterized by exceptionally good collaboration between students and their professors.

There are five faculties at the Academy which are divided into 14 departments.

Department of Metal Design, founded in 1961

The aim of the studies is to prepare designers who can create different kind of objects in metal; from unique art works to mass-production from jewelry to large scale social demand. The designer should be able independently work in all stages – idea, development of project – materialization. Main accents are put on studies of composition, creation of 2D and 3D works, basics of design, technologies of material, ergonomics and bionics.

The core courses consist of:
1. Basis of design, introduction of specialization, principles of composition, theoretical design disciplines: technologies of materials, ergonomics, bionics, engineering etc.
2. Special courses: drawing, painting, modelling, principles of 2D and 3D

Head of the Department: Professor Juris Gagainis
Assistant Professors: Arvīds Endziņš and Andris Silapēteris
Lecturer: Zane Lavrinoviča


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