HiOA Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) is Norway’s largest state university college  (HiOA 2012).

HiOA provides education that qualifies students for employment in the public sector, in health and social services, education, and public administration  in media, design and the arts, and for technical and business administrative positions in business and industry (HiOA 2012).

HiOA offers courses taught in English, both on Bachelor’s Degree level and Master’s Degree level and to some extent on PhD level. There are also Master’s Degree and PhD programmes taught in English. For English taught courses on Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree level, admittance is restricted to students participating in an exchange programme between HiOA and one of our partner institutions.

Product Design

The knowledge, skills and general competence that you develop through this study programme prepares you for working life as design professionals in a range of different positions both in the public and private sector nationally and internationally. The study programme also acts as a stepping stone for further studies at PhD level. The study programme focuses on empowering students with a dynamic interaction of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The knowledge relates through learning activities to the cognitive domain as well as to the psychomotor and affective domains. Students aquire skills to make integrated assessment of choices necessary to make good products. Essential in the Master’s Degree Programme in Product Design is sustainable development through the subject areas design methodology, strategic desing, product and material communication, market analysis and innovation. Practical training is an important part of the study programme  (HiOA 2012).

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