Vilnius Academy of Arts Faculty of Telsiai

The Speciality of Metal Art and Jewellery

The border of Lithuania had changed many times through ages until the independent Republic of Lithuania was founded in 1918. In 1931, as a consequence of cultural and economical development, Trade School of Applied Arts was established in Telsiai.

The tradition of applied arts was developing rapidly: the academic community was growing, the perception of art and teaching methods were improving; the name of school was changed several times. Telsiai School of Applied Arts endured the Second World War and the pressure of the Soviet ideology. It changed its status in 1990 after the independence of Lithuania was restored.

In 1998 the higher university education level was gained and school became part of Vilnius Academy of Arts – Faculty of Telsiai. There are five Bachelor Art study programmes in the Faculty of Telšiai: Metal Art and Jewellery, Sculpture, Furniture Design and Restoration, Product Design, Fashion Design and Knitwear.

Metal art and jewellery is a very popular speciality; at the same time there are around 60 students with some 15 student graduating each year. The study programme of this speciality – as in the whole Faculty of Telsiai – is based on the principle of cooperation between modern art conceptions and trade. The aim attempts to achieve relevance of creative projects and their integrity into society.

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