Aviaaja Kleist Burkal

Aviaaja Kleist Burkal, the designer of Hygge

As a creative person, I enjoy observing my surroundings.  My mind often wanders when I discover a glimpse of something that might interest me and develop into an idea. Visiting new places gives the opportunity to view things from another angle. Much will be familiar, but most likely there will be a chance to bring back some new, exiting memories as well. When growing up, a way for me to collect memories was to bring back a piece of jewellery – and still is. This is what I like so much about jewellery: a piece, however small it may be may contains its own little story and brings joy to the bearer for a long time after.

I was born in Denmark but grew up in Greenland with both Greenlandic and Danish culture, as I am from a bicultural family. All through my childhood I did look forward to spending my summer vacations in Denmark, to be with my family and enjoy some time in my second home country. During my studies later on, I have spent several years in Denmark, living in different parts of the country. I find that the piece of jewellery I have designed, called “Hygge”, stands for something very Danish; anywhere in Denmark you go you will experience this overwhelming effort people make to create a cosy atmosphere with a hint of creativity. It is something that makes me feel comfortable and able to relax during a busy day, so I can lean back for a while and enjoy the moment.



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