Elena Glosli

Elena Glosli, the designer of Årring

Ever since I was a child I have loved making things. I think what I enjoy the most is the fulfilment of having something you have visualized come to life and becoming tactile, whether it is metal, ceramics, wood, or another material.

Another passion of mine is travelling. it gives the opportunity to see places, meet people, hear sounds and taste food you have never encountered before. It is a true privilege that everyone who has the chance should make the most of. I always take something home with me from my travels to remind me of the places I have visited and all the memories that are now connected to those places. Therefore the Piece of Memories competition was a concept I really liked and wanted to participate in.

I have been working with the PIECE OF Norway competition as a part of my bachelor project. The charm has served as the foundation for a jewellery co­llection I have designed. I found the inspiration in the Norwegian nature, in my opinion the best Norway has to offer, all varied and breathtaking.



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