Emil Gustafsson

For me, working with jewellery is a very natural, human thing to do. A jewellery piece is physically connected to the body and the life of its wearer in a way that many art forms are not. I believe jewellery communicates with us on a deep, nearly biological level and influences us in ways beyond societal constructions.

Emil Gustafsson, the designer of Fika

One of my biggest fascinations is human interaction. I love to study social conventions, behaviours and how we connect with and influence each other as human beings. Having a background in theatre, social analysis and the articulation of human behaviour comes as a natural thing to me. In my work, I try to distil or freeze an aspect of what it means to be human into a piece of jewellery. Therefore, for this competition, it was natural to me to talk about the amiable Swedish ritual of ’fika’ and to isolate what it means to me.


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