Gabrielė Pranevičiūtė


Gabrielė Pranevičiūtė, the designer of Rue Twig

Jewellery making is something very personal and intimate for me.  Since I was a teenager  all my pendants, bracelets and rings I have worn were made by me,  for myself.  Making things was so enjoyable that  the hobby has grown up to become my field of studies.

I spend a lot of time travelling across the country and observing people passing by, their differences and similarities in various regions of Lithuania. I am also fascinated by my homeland’s nature, history and cultural phenomena. For the Piece of Memories competition, my attempt was to create a piece of jewellery which would hold all my memories and the wonders of observations from my travels. A simple motif of rue twig came to my mind as this is not only a common plant in gardens but also has a philosophical meaning in Lithuanian folklore. However, the topics that rue symbolises (traditions, motherland left behind, the young, and love) are not left in the past – they are topical in today’s society as well and  it was natural for me to analyse and express them through my point of view.


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