Nino Hynninen

Nino Hynninen, the designer of Tupa

Studies and my otherwise hurried life have kept me fast in the urban environment but with every year passing I have been missing the calm of the countryside more and more. This is a fairly universal phenomenon and whether I really want to move to the country or whether, in my case, it is rather a yearning for a holiday is still to be seen. However, I have indeed noticed that creativity and inspiration are flourishing the best when I am not surrounded by the built-up city environment and the “prefabricated” visual stimulants. Nevertheless, this does not mean that creativity is something that one has to seek from a dense forest.

During my travels I have always been the most interested in traditions and history. Therefore it was only natural that I chose to seek inspiration for the competition from the Finnish traditional culture. Furthermore, for a number of years I have been taking my summer job at the local farmstead museum and therefore decided to create something that would evoke strong visual images of the Finnish country homesteads, hospitality of the local inns, and the traditional craft of building.



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