Piece of Memories is part of the MadeInDesignland tour to the USA Posted 31/3/14 •


Made in Designland is a showcase of new, innovative Finnish design. Products and services of 50 cutting edge companies will tour the U.S. for 18 months.
Companies selected for the tour represent the best in new Finnish design, software, technology and architecture. Innovations on display service design, health care, and visual appearance for your home, and feature products such as furniture, electronics, textiles and household items from young Finnish designers.

Featured products and services incorporate ethical and ecological aspects, and provide answers to questions, such as; can design improve the lives of our seniors, or can design provide us with a better work/life balance.

Products and services are displayed in pop-up shops and exhibitions, festivals and seminars during the 18-month tour, making stops in selected U.S. cities.

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