Piece of Lithuania Rue twig


The story behind the design:

Almost every  Lithuanian is proud of their nationality and the country’s history, so I chose the motif of rue twig for my work as this plant has been used very commonly in Lithuanian folklore.

The meaning of this flower has changed over time and has other meanings in other European countries, but in Lithuanian culture it has become very important. Rue has a special place in the traditions and the customs and it couldn’t be replaced by another objects. The folklore traditions made it the national symbol.

Rue symbolises not only culture, traditions, and history but the entire nation, left motherland, the young, and love. These topics are not forgotten and are important in Lithuania to this day.

To this day, we have a well-known chocolate factory called ”Rūta” (Rue in Lithuanian) whose logo this flower is. Quite a few Lithuanian designers use the motif in their collections as well.