I got wild and crazy Posted 11/8/14 •

Do you remember my last writing, about marketing without money and how to fill up your head with crazy ideas. Well, I got one and what’s most important I also made it true. Last week I was on holiday in Croatia. While waiting for my plane to take-off I walked around the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and […]

Via Helsinki 1/2013 Posted 14/3/13 •

Piece of Memories was noticed in Via Helsinki magazine 108121_ViaHelsinki_1_2013_ENG_LR  

Jury day number 1 Posted 26/3/12 •

Last friday we had our jury meeting in beautiful surroundings, over the roofs of Helsinki. The jury gathered in Restaurant Loiste’s cabinet and graded the jewellery pieces. It turned out to be a difficult task and at the end we had two pieces in the lead but with need of some adjustments.  This is because we only want to offer the best for our […]