PIECE OF Iceland Posted 02/12/12 •

PIECE OF Iceland competition is now open! All design students and young designers from Iceland are eligible to enter the competition. For more information, contact

PIECE OF Norway Posted 14/2/12 •

PIECE OF Norway is designed by Elena Glosli from HiOA Oslo, Norway. Her artwork, Årring, is included in the PIECE OF collection and is available in our web shop.

PIECE OF Sweden Posted 14/2/12 •

PIECE OF Sweden is designed by Emil Gustafsson from Sweden. His artwork – Fika – is included in the PIECE OF collection and is available in our web shop.  

Learn More Posted 14/2/12 •

Design students around Europe have the chance to participate in PIECE OF Competitions arranged by Piece of Memories. The goal is to capture the essence of each country in a piece of jewellery. If your country was a piece of jewellery, what would it look like? We are looking for a local and unique story […]

Denmark competition open Posted 10/2/12 •

We had the amazing possibility to visit in the even more amazing school in Denmark, VIA University College TEKO. Atmosphere in there was great and we can’t wait to see the nominees for Piece Of Denmark.

Design Competition Posted 10/2/12 •

PIECE OF collection is all about unique, locally designed jewellery pieces. Our collection signifies fresh, unique design. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through cooperation with design academies and the rising designer talents. For this reason we arrange design competitions. So far, we have hosted competitions in the Nordic and Baltic […]

Competition in Finland is closed Posted 30/1/12 •

The competition in Finland is closed. We received beautiful pieces which are shown in here and in facebook. Don’t forget to vote your favourite Piece of Finland!

The competition is launched in Finland Posted 28/8/11 •

The competition of Piece of Finland has now started at Lahti Institute of Art and Design! Now we’ll just have to wait and see how the young designers will capture Finland into a piece of jewellery. Exciting! Now it’s also time to move on and get the co-operation started with the other Nordic countries as well.

From an idea into a business plan Posted 05/4/10 •

After coming home from Tallinn this idea was discussed a lot and we kept on planning. We decided that Jonna would ask her friend Minna, who is in to jewellery making, to help us, because we realized that this was getting too big for us two to handle. Minna found the idea interesting and actually […]