PIECE OF Jury member Mari Isopahkala Young Designer 2013 Posted 07/6/13 •

Last week Mari Isopahkala won the award of 2013 Young Designer of the Year. Mari has been a regular member of our jury in our design competitions. Piece of Memories congratulates!

Gabrielė Pranevičiūtė Posted 08/5/13 •

Jewellery making is something very personal and intimate for me.  Since I was a teenager  all my pendants, bracelets and rings I have worn were made by me,  for myself.  Making things was so enjoyable that  the hobby has grown up to become my field of studies. I spend a lot of time travelling across […]

Maija Vitola Posted 08/5/13 •

Growing up in a family of artists, I have been interested in art since early childhood. For a long time I was infatuated with graphic arts due to its delicacy and technical possibilities. In 2008 I graduated from Janis Rozentals Art High School graphic arts programme. With my graphics I have participated in exhibitions in […]

Katarina Kotselainen Posted 08/5/13 •

I was born in Estonia and grew up in Finland. All the Estonian memories and traditions are very close to my heart. I moved back to Estonia in 2002 after graduating from the Västra-Nylands Folkhögskulan in Karis, Finland, and started to study contemporary jewellery art in the Estonian Academy of Art. The sweet memories from […]

Emil Gustafsson Posted 28/1/13 •

For me, working with jewellery is a very natural, human thing to do. A jewellery piece is physically connected to the body and the life of its wearer in a way that many art forms are not. I believe jewellery communicates with us on a deep, nearly biological level and influences us in ways beyond societal […]

Aviaaja Kleist Burkal Posted 28/1/13 •

As a creative person, I enjoy observing my surroundings.  My mind often wanders when I discover a glimpse of something that might interest me and develop into an idea. Visiting new places gives the opportunity to view things from another angle. Much will be familiar, but most likely there will be a chance to bring […]

Elena Glosli Posted 18/6/12 •

Ever since I was a child I have loved making things. I think what I enjoy the most is the fulfilment of having something you have visualized come to life and becoming tactile, whether it is metal, ceramics, wood, or another material. Another passion of mine is travelling. it gives the opportunity to see places, […]

Nino Hynninen Posted 21/5/12 •

Studies and my otherwise hurried life have kept me fast in the urban environment but with every year passing I have been missing the calm of the countryside more and more. This is a fairly universal phenomenon and whether I really want to move to the country or whether, in my case, it is rather […]

PIECE OF Designers Posted 18/5/12 •

Here you can take a look at our designers. Designers comes from art and design school and everyone is a local designer. This means that PIECE OF Norway is designed by a Norwegian an so on.