Product Placement Posted 24/11/14 •

You all probably know the phrase ’Product Placement’ ? It’s a form of advertising that appeals to me. We have all heard about success stories where just one right person has worn some product or just named that product in right situation and the success was there!  Amazing, how can someone have that influence? Yet, […]

Ava Posted 14/2/13 •

Piece of Memories was noticed in Ava Posted 14/1/13 •

Piece of Memories was noticed in

PIECE OF Collection Posted 24/9/12 •

PIECE OF is a collection of charm jewellery designed internationally by rising young talents. Local designers have captivated the essence of their home country in a piece of jewellery, creating an everlasting piece of memory for you to wear. The PIECE OF Nordic collection comprises designs from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The PIECE OF […]

Nino Hynninen Posted 21/5/12 •

Studies and my otherwise hurried life have kept me fast in the urban environment but with every year passing I have been missing the calm of the countryside more and more. This is a fairly universal phenomenon and whether I really want to move to the country or whether, in my case, it is rather […]

Jury day number 1 Posted 26/3/12 •

Last friday we had our jury meeting in beautiful surroundings, over the roofs of Helsinki. The jury gathered in Restaurant Loiste’s cabinet and graded the jewellery pieces. It turned out to be a difficult task and at the end we had two pieces in the lead but with need of some adjustments.  This is because we only want to offer the best for our […]

Piece of Finland vol. 2 Posted 26/3/12 •

Our honorable jury had some difficulties to select one Piece of Finland. There were two pieces above the others that will now continue the competition. Our enthusiastic designers will keep on working a few more weeks. Or shall there be two pieces for you to wear at the end?

Check out the new pictures Posted 20/3/12 •

Check out the new pictures of  PIECE OF Finland nominees. Still three more days time to vote for your favourite piece!

Exiting days!! Posted 16/3/12 •

This has just been such a great day, just feeling so happy! Our team from Laurea won the Innomaraton competition by planning Piece of Memories a communication and PR plan. This really strengthens our belief in co-operation with schools and the students. The next really exiting day is coming up soon as the PIECE OF Finland is chosen […]

Proudly presenting PIECE OF websites, Facebook and Twitter! Posted 02/3/12 •

Yesterday 1.3.2012 we got our websites, and our Facebook site opened. Today we have published our twitter site, pieceoftweets! The competition of PIECE OF Finland has started on Facebook where everybody has a chance to vote for their favourite jewellery piece! So much going on right now! Follow our sites and you’ll get all the latest news!