PIECE OF Happiness Posted 07/8/13 •

I must be able to let go of all my unfinished tasks, even if the temptation to fool myself with the thought that my input to the company is indispensable, kicks in. No matter how hard you try, every time something important is left incomplete.

ELLE 2/2013 Posted 13/3/13 •

In ELLE’s February/2013 issue on page 33 you can find our beautiful pieces from Finland and Norway.

Piece of Memories suomeksi Posted 29/1/13 •

Kansainvälinen suunnittelukilpailu korujen taustalla Suomalaisen Piece of Memories designalan yrityksen keräiltävä korusarja on suunnattu matkailijoille ja koruista kiinnostuneille Piece of Memoriesin uusi keräiltävä PIECE OF -designkorusarja on suunnattu matkailijoille ja koruista kiinnostuneille. Korusarjan osat eli maapalat muodostuvat eri maiden paikallisesti käytyjen designalanopiskelijoille suunnattujen kilpailujen voittajakoruista. Marraskuussa 2012 lanseerattiin ensimmäisenä PIECE OF Nordic -sarjan Suomen ja Norjan […]

Matkalehti Posted 14/1/13 •

Piece of Memories was noticed in Matkalehti

Piece of Finland vol. 2 Posted 26/3/12 •

Our honorable jury had some difficulties to select one Piece of Finland. There were two pieces above the others that will now continue the competition. Our enthusiastic designers will keep on working a few more weeks. Or shall there be two pieces for you to wear at the end?

Contact Us Posted 10/2/12 •

Piece of Memories Oy Hankasuontie 8 00390 Helsinki FINLAND Jonna Holmberg Sales and Marketing Tel. +358 40 143 2002 Minna Pajari Productions Tel. +358 40 801 0964 Kati Joronen Design Competitions Tel. +358 40 801 0963 Contact form Piece of Showroom Bulevardi 44, 5 krs. / Redland FI-00120 Helsinki +358 9 547 509 50 Find your […]

PIECE OF Story Posted 26/1/12 •

Piece of Memories was founded in 2010. It is a dream of three women, Kati Joronen, Jonna Holmberg and Minna Pajari. It all started in a small Estonian restaurant called Peppersack. A little girl wanted to collect a memory from the country by using a coin as a piece of necklace. To that same necklace she wanted to collect […]

Thank you Finpro Posted 03/5/11 •

We get help from Finpro’s amazing people. It is great to talk about our business idea with people who can actually help us in so many fields. Thank you Finpro Finland and Denmark! We also want to send thanks to Ely Keskus which makes this possible by giving us the Globaali financing.

Struggling but determined Posted 26/3/11 •

The search for financing shows out to be demanding, even though everybody seems to like our business idea! We are working evenings and weekends filling out different formulas and trying to get financing. We have meetings with financers, getting consultant help to build up a stronger business.   But the best of it all, we […]

We need help! Posted 05/12/10 •

Piece of Memories is now officially registered !! But there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do all that has to be done when working fulltime jobs and having time for PoM in the evenings and weekends. We know that we need help! We have to start looking for co-workers to build up our […]