Schools Posted 17/2/12 •

We want to give young designers a chance to be part of international jewellery business and we believe that co-operation with design schools gives value both to the students and to the design schools. We have so far visited the design schools to start up the competitions and met both teachers and students. During the […]

Learn More Posted 14/2/12 •

Design students around Europe have the chance to participate in PIECE OF Competitions arranged by Piece of Memories. The goal is to capture the essence of each country in a piece of jewellery. If your country was a piece of jewellery, what would it look like? We are looking for a local and unique story […]

Struggling but determined Posted 26/3/11 •

The search for financing shows out to be demanding, even though everybody seems to like our business idea! We are working evenings and weekends filling out different formulas and trying to get financing. We have meetings with financers, getting consultant help to build up a stronger business.   But the best of it all, we […]