Fika Posted 28/1/13 •

Piece of Sweden

Emil Gustafsson Posted 28/1/13 •

For me, working with jewellery is a very natural, human thing to do. A jewellery piece is physically connected to the body and the life of its wearer in a way that many art forms are not. I believe jewellery communicates with us on a deep, nearly biological level and influences us in ways beyond societal […]

PIECE OF Collection Posted 24/9/12 •

PIECE OF is a collection of charm jewellery designed internationally by rising young talents. Local designers have captivated the essence of their home country in a piece of jewellery, creating an everlasting piece of memory for you to wear. The PIECE OF Nordic collection comprises designs from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The PIECE OF […]

PIECE OF Sweden Posted 14/2/12 •

PIECE OF Sweden is designed by Emil Gustafsson from Sweden. His artwork – Fika – is included in the PIECE OF collection and is available in our web shop.  

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